Agronomic Application Rates

Application rate or Gallons per Acre (GPA) of effluent applied on your fields is determined by the nutrient value of your manure slurry, the existing nutrients in your soil and the expected crop uptake.  Samples are taken of your lagoon solids and top water prior to pumping.  An estimate nutrient value per 1000 gallons is determined by the ratio of top water to solids in the manure slurry being pumped.


The gallons per acre to be applied is determined by your agronomist or by the crop nutrient uptake expected in the upcoming planting as well as the residual nutrients in the soil as determined by soil sampling.  Some states mandate nutrient application to be based upon Nitrogen application and other states this is based on the Phosphorus application.


The actual nutrients delivered to your fields will vary through out the pumping process.  Samples are taken every 30 to 40 acres and a certified lab report will be supplied to you.  This certified lab report will show nutrients available the first year as well as the total nutrients in the effluent applied.


The nutrient value will vary depending upon the water to solids mix of the effluent and where in the lagoon the slurry comes from.  We typically try for a maximum of 1 part top water to 1 part solids.  The % of solids in a slurry depends upon the type of animal waste and the ratio of water to solids.  Prices for pumping solids will vary depending upon the % of solids as determined by a certified lab.


Usually the thicker you pump solids the less your overall price will be for pumping; even when you are paying more per gallon to pump thick solids.  This is because you can remove more solids per gallon; thus less gallons will need to be pumped.


Lagoon pumping tries to keep a consitent percent of solids mix in the agitated manure slurry.  As the agitation process and the resulting percent of solids suspended in the slurry is not an exact science the nutrients will and do vary through out the pumping process.


Typical application rates are:

    Deep pit Swine slurry - 3,000 to 10,000 GPA

    Open lagoon Swine slurry - 6,000 to 15,000 GPA

    Beef feed lot slurry - 20,000 to 30,000 GPA

    Flush Dairy lagoon slurry - 20,000 to 35,000 GPA


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Agronomic Application Rates for Manure Slurries
Agronomic Application Rate.pdf
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Dry Tons vs. Gallons Pumped.
This article details how you calculate the dry tons removed from your lagoon. It also shows you how you can remove more dry tons of solids by pumping less gallons.
Dry Tons vs. Gallons.pdf
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Pumping Costs and Percent of Solids
Many customers want to know why pumping thicker solids cost more. This article explains why and shows you how you can overall save money spent when pumping your lagoon by by pumping thicker solids; even when you are paying more per gallon to pump these thicker slurries..
Pumping Costs and Percent Solids.pdf
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