When your lagoon has finished its useful life and it is no longer needed, then Lagoon Remediation is required.  This is the process of cleaning it out and filling it in to meet the environmental standards of the state and community in which it resides.

Remediation typically requires removing all water and solids from the lagoon and then removing the liner and at least 6 inches of the topsoil.  After the solids have been removed then the sides of the lagoon are pushed in and leveled out.

After the lagoon is fully excavated, soil samples are taken and analyzed to assure that no residual elements are remaining that could possibly cause legal ramifications in the future.  When the lagoon site has met the Environmental standards of the area then it is filled in.

The lagoon is filled in and leveled by Excavator, Bull Dozer, Skidsteer and then packed down to remove any trace of the lagoon's previous presence.

If the lagoon is recently vacated then it probably has water as well as solid in it.  The lagoon needs a professional assessment to determine the amount of water and the amount of solids remaining.  This assessment will determine the best approach for removal.

If there is adequate water, then agitation and pumping is the most efficient means of solid removal. Lagoon Pumping & Dredging will come in and use their agitator boats or traditional agitators and thoroughly mix the solids to keep them suspended in the water.  Then the effluent will be pumped off and applied to agriculture land that is within 6 miles of the site.

If there is not enough water available, then the remaining top water is pumped off and the solids are removed with a long reach excavator.  A skidsteer with a squeege is lowered into the pit to push the solids within the reach of the excavator.  Large Semi Manure truck haulers are used to transport the solids to a holding area or directly applied to the fields.  This can be trucked to land close by or to farm fields hundreds of miles away.

Depending upon the nutrient content of the solids within the lagoon, the solid waste or liquid effluent can be sold to farmers for the value of its NPK content.  Samples are taken throughout the pumping and application process and the farmer will pay a percentage of the nutrient value as determined by an independent certified lab.

If you need help in selling your manure solids or lagoon effluent let Lagoon Pumping & Dredging help.  We are manure brokers and can arrange a sale of your lagoon wastes to either near-by farmers or far away organic farmers who need natural fertilization on their fields.

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