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If erosion, weather or environmental concerns are a problem, then you need to look into a lagoon liner and/or cover.  These covers and liners are all custom manufactured, fitted and installed for your lagoon.  The typical liner and cover thickness is from 60 mil all the way up to 120 mil Poly or PVC material.

The HDPE floating covers are all measured, cut to specifications and assembled at the factory.  Then it put on a flatbed truck and shipped to the job site.  HDPE liner material is shipped on large spools and cut to length and welded in place at the lagoon installation.   All pipe penetrations of the liner are made water tight with a HDPE "boot" welded to the liner and a water tight flexible adhesive around the pipe inlets and outlets.   A typical installation may take 1 to 3 weeks depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Lagoon Pumping & Dredging will come out to your lagoon site and take measurements, photographs and determine your project specifications.  We will then go back and figure up an estimate which we will present to you in about 2 weeks after our initial visit.

Once you go ahead with the project, a 30% deposit is required to start the fabricating or installation process.  The balance of the project is due when installed.  Typical lead time is 1 to 3 months after ordering your cover or liner.

If a lagoon is to be completely lined it can only be done on a new or freshly refurbished lagoon with no standing water or solids in it.  If there is standing water or solds it will need to be completely pumped down and the last reminents of the sludge or solids removed by squeege or other mechanical means.  This pumping and solid removal can be done by Lagoon Pumping prior to our crews installing the liner.  An agriculture field needs to be available to receive the waste water, manure slurry or effluent.

If a partial liner is need to prevent bank erosion then this can be installed when the top water is transferred or pumped down to the level of solids.  This will often entail washing the banks free of any solid or manure build up prior to installation.

All liners require an anchor trench around the berm of the lagoon.  This trench is 3' deep and 2' wide.  The top of the liner is anchored in this trench and the tench back filled and compacted.

A cover can be installed with the lagoon either full or empty of water.  If the lagoon has standing solids, then top water is necessary to assure that we can float the cover across without it becoming stuck in the uneven nature of standing solids.

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