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Lagoon Pumping & Dredging works with many vendors and educators in the Manure Management and Liquid Manure Industry.  These vendors include crop consultants, lagoon management companies, hose manufacturers, lagoon treatment companies, lagoon lining and cover companies, manure applicator associations, universities and other agriculture and manure educational events.


We are proud to associate ourselves with these organizations and to provide you a link to their companies or web sites; these are what we feel is the best the manure industry can provide.


Feel free to contact any of these organizations and mention that Lagoon Pumping & Dredging referred them to you.  You will get their best prices and prompt attention for your lagoon questions and needs.

Lagoon Treatments and Animal Health

Profit Pro Ag is the only lagoon treatment company, we have found, who has comprehensive educational information on soil balance, crop fertility, bio-augmentation, microbes, enzymes or as many lagoon owners call it, "bugs in a jug."


Dr. Jim Ladlie, the owner of Profit Pro Ag is not just a seller of microbes, but is truely an industry and educational leader in the technology and history behind the science of manure treatments, soil balance, crop fertility and animal gut health.  His mission is to teach others about the science behind these issues and earn your confidence through his lifetime of experience.  


Dr. Ladlie's company has numerous reports, informational sheets, educational articles, newsletters, an annual conference as well as a monthly teleconference meeting to help CAFO and lagoon owners with their questions and educational needs.  


Most companies just pitch their product; Profit Pro Ag is truly one of a kind company who's interest is to help each lagoon owner understand the "Full Circle" process so a lagoon or CAFO owner can make informed decisions about their soil balance, crop fertility, animal health, manure and lagoon management.  


Mention that Lagoon Pumping & Dredging referred them to you and they will give you the best prices on any of their products.  Click on the logo below to go directly to their website or call them at:

Profit Pro Ag, LLC


Lagoon Managment Companies

Most if not all large lagoon owners, dairies, feedlots and hog producers utilize the services of a lagoon management companies to help file, report and keep up with the numerous manure and nutrient management plans; as well as regulatory reporting to the EPA and and state regulatory agencies.  Listed below are the ones we have worked with and have confidence in their ability to do a good job for your business.  Click on their logo to go directly to their web site.  Mention that Lagoon Pumping & Dredging referred them to you for the best prices and prompt help with your crop, enviromental and lagoon management needs. 

Educational Resources

Click on the logo or name of the educational event and go directly to their web site.

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