Manure Slurry and Effluent Sampling

Samples taken from the lagoon are important to have done prior to it to being pumped.  These effluent samples are sent to a certified lab to determine the nutrient value and solid content of the sample.

Lagoon Pumping & Dredging or your Agronomist can help you determine the proper agronomic application rate based upon your soil samples and the crop you intend to plant immediately following the nutrient application.

To get a proper lagoon sample you need to sample both the water and the solids. 

The way we suggest you get these samples is to take a small John boat into the lagoon.  Then you need a 2" PVC pipe that is longer than the lagoon is deep.  Push the 2" PVC pipe straight down into the solids until it hits the liner on the bottom.  Then you need to use your hand or PVC cap to create a vacuum which will allow you to withdraw the PVC pipe with the sample intact.  You then tip the PVC upside down and allow sample to drain into a 5 gallon bucket.

Average Sampling Method: We suggest you take 6 or 8 samples in your lagoon and mix it up thoroughly in the 5 gallon bucket.  While the solids are still suspended in the water you need to fill a sample bottle with at least 250ml to 500 ml (small drinking water bottle works good) of the effluent.  The resulting lab analysis will give you a true picture of what the nutrient value will be when applied to the field.  If you drain off the excess water it will NOT give you a true picture of what will be applied and you will be under applying the nutrients needed for the results you expect.

Average Solid Sampling Method: We suggest you take 6 or 8 samples of your lagoon's solids and put together in the 5 gallon bucket.   Let the solids settle out of the solution.  Once the solids have settled, then drain off the excess top water.  Then mix the remaining solids to get an even mix.  Take some of the mixed solids and put into a zip lock bag (2 cups of the solids should be enough).  If the solids are too running for a zip lock bag, then put them into an empty 500ml drinking water bottle.

The solid sampling method is ONLY good if you know the ratio of top water and solids that will be mixed and applied to the field.  While the majority of the nutrients are found in the solids there is still Nitrogen and other trace minerals in the top water.  The "solid sample" method will NEVER give you a true indication of what will be applied.  We strongly suggest the Average Sampling Method.

WORD OF CAUTION: Some lagoon owners and operators are only concerned about removing the solids and not about the resulting agronomic application rate on the fields to which it is being applied.  Some lagoon owners even pump off the top water which is Nitrogen laden so that there is more solids than water remaining.  THIS IS A BAD PRACTICE!

It takes about 1 part water to 1 part solids in order for it to be pumped.  If it is thicker than 1:1 then you need to add water to make it pumpable, or you need to increase you number of booster pumps to move the effluent (more pumps means more cost to you to move it).  

Typical percent of solids for agronomical application is 2% to 5% (by weight).  If the solids are sludge then you can pump it up to 12% or more, HOWEVER it will cost you more to have us pump it.  

PLUS the phosphorus and other nutrient are so concentrated that you have to reduce the amount applied per acre of land.  This means the tractor will pass over the field at a faster rate.


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