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Lagoon Pumping is a full service lake, pond, lagoon pumping and management company. Our services include: Pumping, Dredging, Excavatioon, Mapping, Restoration, Remediation, and manure brokering.  You can click on any of our services listed on the right or click on thre button below for a more detailed description.

Continuous Flow Drag Line Injection of Lagoon Effluent direct to your fields.

Continuous flow drag line injection is the fastest and most economical way to get your lagoon effluent and manure slurry to agriculture fields.

    • Can be pumped many miles to fields

    • Nutrients injected into the root zone of crops

    • Minimal compaction of the soil

    • Minimal disruption to producers operation

    • Reduced odor and fly problems

    • 1 million gallons or more pumped per day

    • Vertical and Horizontal agitation to suspend bottom solids

    • Pumping heavy solids is our specialty

    • No job too big


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How do I choose which Pumper to use?

As a producer of manure and wastewater you have many options available to you for cleaning out your lagoons, settling basins, and ponds.  When looking at all the alternatives and all the vendors for each alternative it is sometimes hard to know who to choose.


This article will give you some of the points of differentiation between custom lagoon pumpers and hopefully that will give you some ways to compare and decide what is the bests fit for your situation.

Choosing Your Custom Manure and Wastewater Pumper
What to look for and ask when you are choosing your custom pumper and making a decision on who you should hire to clean out and pump your lagoons.
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