Cleaning out a lagoon can be straight forward or complicated depending upon a number of factors including: 

Major Cost Factors:
     - How Much: Number of gallons to be pumped or dredged 

     - How Thick: % of solids in lagoon (12% solids is considered ideal)
     - How Far: Distance the field are from the lagoon 
     - Diesel Prices: Price of Off Road Dyed Diesel Agriculture Fuel

Other Cost Factors:
     - Mobilization to your lagoon site
     - Size of lagoon 

      - Ease of access to lagoon 
     - Number of agitators required to suspend solids 
     - Ease of agitation or mixing of solids 
     - Elevation of land on which effluent is to be pumped 
     - Hills or layout of fields that may produce excess water run off. 
     - Access to culverts to run hose through 
     - Crossing of any major state or county roads or highways 
     - Proximity to any creeks, rivers or watersheds 
     - Time of year that work is done (Summer months are less expensive) 
     - Manure application rules of the state in which you are located 
     - How much of a rush you are to get the job done.

Lagoon Pumping and Dredging (LPD) will visit your site and work with you to determine the best price possible.

LPD charges by the gallon pumped or the dry ton excavated.  This way you are assured that you only pay for the product delivered.  You are not paying for the down time, repairs or any extra time incurred due to complications on the job.

The prices we bid include labor, travel, fuel and all costs associated with agitating, pumping and incorporating your lagoons manure slurry or effluent into your fields.  The only surcharges would be fuel costs that are above the fuel prices on which the bid was established or effluent or manure slurry that has higher solid content than originally estimated.

All pumping is billed by the gallons pumped.  The gallons are determined by a Krohn flow meter at the tool bar.  The Krohn flow meters are calibrated and are accurate to 99.99% of actual gallons pumped.  Jobs are billed on a weekly basis for the gallons pumped the previous week.   Invoice will be faxed or emailed to customer on Monday.  Terms are net 3 days upon receipt of invoice.

If you want the best prices possible have your lagoons pumped, dredged or excavated during the summer months of June through August.  The busy and high demand pumping months are September through May.  Field injection and lagoon pumping continues until there is 2 inches of frost in the ground.  

Lagoon Pumping tries as much as possible to pump your lagoons when you fields are ready for injection.  However, the amount of time required to complete jobs prior to yours will depend upon weather and other factors outside of Lagoon Pumping and Dredging's control.

If an emergency situation arises, please contact our office as some times our schedules cn be adjusted.  Lead time to mobilize to a given site will vary depending upon the time of the year.

Pumping is the least expensive alternative to cleaning your lagoon.  Dredging is more expensive than pumping but less expensive than excavating.

To determine when your lagoons should be pumped or how to schedule your lagoons to be pumped, please click on one of the buttons below or the links in the side bar.

Word About How Pumping is Priced
There are many factors that affect the price you will pay to have your lagoon pumped or cleaned out. We will work with any producer to get you the best price possible.
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Keeping Your Pumper Honest
Some pumpers bid low and charge more later. Lagoon Pumping &
Dredging is transparent, welcomes your scrutiny and is willing to comply with any checks and balances you desire.
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Dry Tons vs.Gallons Pumped
Most pumpers bill by the gallon pumped. But all gallons are not created equal. Paying more for pumping thicker solids is actually less overall expense than pumping thinner slurries at cheaper prices.
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